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Discuss the future of mobile commerce in India.

Mobile phone users in India outnumber credit and debit cards and internet users 2.5 to one. The high usage of cell phones is what gave birth to mobile commerce in India.

Reliance and Airtel are two of the leading names that have played a major role in paving the way for m-commerce services. Be it bill payments, booking airline tickets, or buying movie tickets, these service providers have made it very easy and convenient. The service provider PayMate allows users to complete all their transactions by a single SMS technology. Payments can be easily cleared using debit and credit cards and you don’t have to provide any banking details.

The telecom industry in India is thriving – mobile users are growing at the rate of 3 million per month. Companies are competing with each other to provide the maximum number of benefits to users via their mobile commerce platform. Be it the financial sector or the telecom industry, m-commerce has found application everywhere.

Mobile couponing is one of the m-commerce services that have become very popular. The redemption rate of mobile coupons is much higher than paper made ones. In short, m-commerce has caused a revolution and has become indispensable now.


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